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     Licda. Josefina Ureña     

Abogada- Traductora e Intérprete JudicialAttorney- Certified Legal Translator & Interpreter

Frequently Asked Quetions

I don't live in the Cibao region. Can you still translate my documents?

Yes, we can translate documents from all over the country.We also ship via CaribePack

When will my translation be ready?

We will deliver  your translation  within the next 48 hours of receiving  your document; however, this time frame does not apply to large projects. We are committed to deliver our translations on schedule and will work with you to set  a realistic deadline. We will not accept projects we are unable to do.

How much does a certified translation cost?

Translation fees will depend on the amount of pages and the complexity of the content. We charge per page.   An extra $150 fee will be added for documents sent via CaribePack.

You can e-mail us a scanned copy of the document you would like to translate, with your name and number at,  and we will be glad to give you a quote.  

Do I need to send you an original document?

 We do prefer to work with original documents, but when it comes to   customers who live in other provinces, we do accept scanned copies, as long as they are intelligible.  We do not accept faxed copies.

Can I fax you my document?

No! Due to the unintelligibility issues that may come up, we do not accept faxed documents.

Questions or Comments? 

Contact us (809)729-0368